Wednesday, 28 February 2007

hi, we are ana, haizea and rosa from curating. we thought about organizing a magazine for the interim show; we thought about it as a platform of creation more than as a documentation, that means that it could include your writings or any other kind of artistic work such as drawings... or any other proposition. you could also suggest us names of critics you're interested in and we could try to contact them. it is meant to be a transversal project gathering artists participating on other projects. we'd like to know your opinion about this proposal and then we could meet and discuss things such as the format or the kind of works or writings you'd like to show... comment on the blog or write to

Joep, MFA fine art,

If you are interested in finding out more about my work, feel free to email me and have a talk or just come to my studio space in the big baths.


Alex Reynolds.

Hi Everyone!

At the moment I'm most interested in working with artists who seek to subvert naturalised norms in society, or expose the myth paramount to the smooth running
of everyday life. I'm particularly interested in the themes of communication, language and the search for intersubjective knowledge, and have a theoretical interest in post-Marxism, psychoanalysis and poststructuralism.


artists work

Hi, i am in the first year fine art m.f.a. and my space is on the balcony in the large baths. I use video and photography to record performances of my self and others to explore issues around subjectivity and seduction, and my current work (not shown) is a performance around religious fundamentalism and liberalism. If you have any ideas for ways to show my work come and see me! I have not come up with much yet in terms of ideas for next term as i've got my presentation next week, but if anyone is interested in similar things let me know.
Kate Pickering.

Exhibition Dates

What do people think about having it the 23rd - 27th May??

Artist's Work

Kristen Lovelock 'Av it! 2007

installation shot

installation shot

installation shot

Still from: Fear, Death, Knives, Paranoia, Ink Drawings (part of 'Av it!)

Still from: Fucking 'Av it! (part of 'Av it!)

Still from: I don't want to fucking be here (part of 'Av it!)

'Av it!
installation includes: 2 monitors ('Av it! and Fear, Death, Paranoia, Knives, Ink Drawings), 1 projection (I don't want to fucking be here), 3 ceramic sculptures, a poster, an ink drawing, lots of black plastic, a painting, beer and cider, filing cabinets, bowl of piss and some junk, dimensions variable - prefer to set up installation in a staircase

For more information about this installation and about my work please go to

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Curating Interests from CNMC

Hi Everyone-
We are CNMC (Cadine Navarro and Mary Cork). We have recently been working curatorially with the idea of disruption and its various manifestations in art. We'd like to invite all of you to come to the opening/closing of our most recent project, Disruption I, featuring a new work by artists Allsopp&Weir.
We feel that this might be a good way for us to introduce our ideas to you, and help cultivate connections between our practice and some of yours.

all the info is below:

Saturday, March 10th
6:30-8:30 PM
Long Street Workshops
Building 9, Unit 7 (Third Floor)
Long Street
E2 8HN

Click this link for a map of the location

Lisa Slominski mfa pt1

Images of work (my studio is in the balcony)

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Introduction Monica Ursina Jaeger

non- grata 2007, Installation

Hi everybody
I'd like to introduce myself with this piece.
If you want to get more infos about my work, see my portfolio on my website:
or drop in my studio (J in big bath)