Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Artist's Work

Kristen Lovelock 'Av it! 2007

installation shot

installation shot

installation shot

Still from: Fear, Death, Knives, Paranoia, Ink Drawings (part of 'Av it!)

Still from: Fucking 'Av it! (part of 'Av it!)

Still from: I don't want to fucking be here (part of 'Av it!)

'Av it!
installation includes: 2 monitors ('Av it! and Fear, Death, Paranoia, Knives, Ink Drawings), 1 projection (I don't want to fucking be here), 3 ceramic sculptures, a poster, an ink drawing, lots of black plastic, a painting, beer and cider, filing cabinets, bowl of piss and some junk, dimensions variable - prefer to set up installation in a staircase

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