Sunday, 11 March 2007


My name is Caroline. I studied in Paris before for 5years in Art History and Contemporary Art (Ecole du Louvre). The topic of my thesis was the rock concert in contemporary art since 1966 (Warhol and the Velvet to Christoph B├╝chel).
So I am really interested inthe relation between art and popular culture and especially with popular music. But I am doing research about dance and architecture too and in general I find very interesting the relations between sociology, documentary, anthropology and art...

I discussed last week with Christel, a german artist that will be involved in the MFA show. Our idea will be to organize a show with Kristen too, it would be an exhibition in a squatted house that we have to find near Goldsmiths. The theme will be something around punk aesthetic or punk music. I think that the spontaneous meeting due to the same interests is the best way to deal with this big show.
This year, with five other curators of the master, we have organized the Interim Show of the St Martins School...after this experience, I think that it is really irrelevant ans impossible to curate a show with 25 curators and 50 artists...Anyway this kind of show remains always artificial because of the origin of the frame, I mean that it is impossible to work all together. So I think that as you, the artists, you know each other, and as it is impossible for us to know all of you and especially all your works...the best will be that you organize yourselves into groups and then we can discuss about it according to the common interests of each group.



Anonymous said...

i'm up for it! let's meet up before the break to discuss.


Anonymous said...

hi again - hope we can have a chat before the break. see you soon.