Thursday, 26 April 2007


The publication is conceived as a document and as an alternative way of exhibiting the artists work. The theme of the publication will follow that of the interim show based on the idea of branding and merchandizing. The title of publication is “Interim Measures”: ‘A necessary feature of international arbitration is the ability to obtain measures of interim’ this formal description of procedure is used ‘to maintain or restore status quo; to prevent or require action to prevent immanent harm’. The term “Interim Measures” will be employed in this unconventional context as a functioning and self-questioning personality. In this context it features as the ludic representive of Goldsmiths, reframed as a brand under demand. Within this case it will be applied at as an allegorical of a self-critical and questioning personality type.
The idea is asking the artists participating what they think about exhibiting in an interim show in which they become products of a system and in which future expectation are put forward on them and their art work. Is Goldsmiths a secure investment for a future career as international artists? The same issue will be raised in the texts the curators will ask the international art critics and curators involved. “IM” being the interviewer. How does the art world respond to artists coming out of Goldsmiths? Who gives authority to an art school? Is it all a question of branding?
The publication can become a constructive critique to reflect upon the art system from the inside and question the artists/curators choice.

The idea is to create a publication made of a very large foldable poster. We are getting help and advice with a contact for a graphic designer and a printing company. The material on the front will contain artist’s print/exhibition space in response to the context of Interim Measures.
The back will contain:
- interviews to curators, dealers, gallerists, art critics, artists, architects. We are asking three questions per person and texts dealing with Goldsmiths searched in the wider cultural field.

1. Statement of intent
2. Questions asked by “IM” to:
We are in contact with the following people:
- Shumon Basar, architect
- Daniel Birnbaum, Staedel Schule, Frankfurt
- Louisa Buck, art counsultant
- Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera
- Leire Vergara, curator of Rekaide
- Dan Graham, artist
- Kate MacGary, gallerist
- Michele Robecchi, editor Contemporary
- November Paynter, curator
- Rebecca Wilson, editor, Saatchi Online Magazine
- Danny Rolph, artist
- Damien Hirst, artist
- Andrea Viliani, curator, Mambo, Bologna
- Andrew Smaldone, editor, Art Seen Magazine
- Elpida Karamba, curator
- Stefano Chiodi, art critic

The curators will be working with the artists offering them this contextualised print space to implicitly exhibit a free response. They will contribute with visual or textual response to the question proposed. This will be formatted appropriately to the context.


Distribution locations. We are contacting: ICA, Tate Modern, Barbican, Hayward, Camden Art Centre, Whitechapel, Serpentine. We will distribute at the Venice Biennale, Documenta, Munster, Basel.

This publication will be self-funded, meaning that we will ask to get even contributions from all the artists and the curators from Interim Measures. We are asking for under £25. If we get any sponsorship your money will reimbursed.

The art works should be selected by May 8.
The texts should be collected by May 14.
The editing of the texts should be done by May 18.
The publication should be ready by May 25.

Depending on the choice of type of publication the time plan might change.

Louisa Adam
Yannis Arvanitis
Hyunjoo Byeon
Ilaria Gianni
Nazli Gurlek
Hahn Ho
Jungmin Kwon
Rosa Lleo
Gaia Tedone

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