Friday, 20 April 2007

The Golden Mugs proposal


TITLE: #1 Brand
SUB-TITLE: Consume it while it’s Hot

PREMISE: Given the rapid turnover and limited resources at our disposal for this show, why not capitalize on the best one we have: the fact that Goldsmiths was recently voted one of UK’s coolest brands. To commemorate this commercial coup and play with the current art market interest for multiples (the value of which defies basic economic laws of rarity that privilege the aura-invested original), we propose to release a series of limited edition mugs – destined to become real collectors’ items.

PRACTICALITIES: Every participating artist should submit an image by May 1rst. Each image will be printed on 3 mugs alongside the title and sub-title of the show. Bare in mind that neither the Goldsmiths name nor logo will appear (thus the image will be substituted for the brand). 2 of the mugs will be auctioned off on the quintessential silent/virtual auction house: Ebay.

The last mug, which will randomly but officially be declared as the Original of each series, will be used to serve coffee/tea in the seminar room. The latter will be transformed into a makeshift coffee shop for a week during which time visitors will be invited to come in and enjoy coffee/tea while reading the outcome of the publication proposal. The artists as well as the curators involved will be asked to volunteer a few hours of their time at the coffee shop. Proceeds of the mug and coffee/tea sales will go towards the reimbursement of production costs while profit, if any, can be put towards next year’s show.

TIMELINE: This project will take place during the last week of the rotation (May 29th to June 5th, 2007) in order to allow for enough time to produce the mugs.

CURATORIAL TEAM: Stephanie Bertrand; Suzie Gladwin; Rahila Haque; Sonya Yu.

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