Friday, 20 April 2007

Sainsbury's Proposal


Due to the subtle relationships between Sainsbury's and the market of art, to which art schools -and therefore Goldsmiths- seem to be more and more directed, and in relationship with the idea of branding, we have decided to reflect it directly and to form an exhibition divided in sections à la Sainsbury's.

The sections will be:
Organic - Exhibition in Seminar Room (preferably site/theme-specific works, not obligatory though)
Toiletry - Exhibition in Curating Space (same as above)
Fresh Meat - Performance/s during the opening day
Crisps and Chips - Screenings, divided in two parts: videos with sound will be screened on Friday of the week of the exhibition; videos without sound will be shown in an ongoing basis on the wall of the coffee-shop during the week of mugs/publication.
We keep Beers, Wine and Spirits free for propositions. One proposition by a fellow curating student was to call it W(h)ines and Spirits, in the sense of whiners who never get something done but complain instead and focus it on unrealized proposals or conceptual/immaterial work.We are open for more propositions.

Artists have to think which section they feel their work fits better into.They can also participate in two sections, but artists who haven't signed up for any section will have preference.

The exhibition will take place on the week of the 15th of May. We hope that there will be a bit of discussion and debate around the subject between us too. We will hang this same explanation with an inscription list in the curating studio by Monday. If you have any questions or proposals for further sections, please do contact us here or at

Curating team (by now): Haizea Barcenilla, Ana Garcia-Pineda

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