Sunday, 22 April 2007

Silent Debate: Proposal (Interim show)

1. Title:

Silent Debate
Motion: “That this debate is not a dialectic”

2. Description of concept of project/ Statement of Intent:

In a debate, an individual or team will publicly engage in a spoken dialogue with another within a given time frame, each contending antithetical positions with the intention of proving one ’truth’. Silent Debate aims to provoke argument about the nature or necessity of the curator by asking curators to begin contributing only after the exhibition has begun. Each proposition will be presented visually at either end of the week.

3 Practicalities for artists and for curators:

Participating artists will be asked to deliver and display artworks (max. 3/ person) to the seminar room at the beginning of the exhibition (7th May). Artists working in performance/ video or other non-object based practice are asked to participate in the initial stages of the exhibition in whatever way they deem appropriate. All participating artists will be required to engage with a team of MFA curators and other MFA artists throughout the week developing a second format, theme and/ or content of the exhibition in preparation for its concluding night.

4. What will be the outcome?


5. Timeframe of Silent Debate:

Monday 7th May – Works/ elements of works are to be left in the Seminar space by participating MFA fine art and textile students.
Friday 11th May – ‘Curated’ exhibition opens, Silent Debate concludes.

6. How you will employ the seminar space for the week of your project?

Displaying/ removing/ moving artworks and equipment, the exhibition space will be open to the public at all times, will press releases available.

If you have any queries about the Silent Debate before or after signing up please contact the MFA Silent Debate curatorial team via Isobel on, or call 078 5433 1418. A list will be posted on the curating studio walls, Laurie Grove Baths, on Monday morning 23rd April for all MFA Curating, Fine arts and Textiles students interested in participating.

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