Monday, 23 April 2007

Offsite Project


Fall-In-Theatre is an offsite project that operates as a live group show.
For this event, artists will be invited to produce work, which should manifest within a specific timeframe, at an offsite location.
The intended outcome is a collection of fleeting performances and installations.

These works will only exist within the agreed space and time frame, and should leave only minimal, residual traces behind.

The aim of the offsite project is to facilitate and explore the production, presentation and documentation of unrepeatable live experience.

There is one event scheduled: This event could be understood as a 24-hour Performance Marathon.

For this event, artists will be invited to producework, which exists in its entirety, within a 24-hour timeframe.
The show will be open for a full 24 hours.

Preparatory traces of the event will be displayed in a formal show in the seminar room, some weeks before the live event.

The traces will provide a visual indication of the pending offsite event.

They will function as an ambiguous index.

The residual traces of the live event may be presented formally at a later date, as an archive,

The 24 hour show begins on the 7th June.

There is one secured offsite location which will be used for the 24 hour run. This can feasibly accommodate 8 artists, possibly moredepending on the requirements of the work. In fairness it accordingly requires about 4 curators* (*the equal ratio of artists to curators appears to be two to one)
The inclusion of more artists will mean that curatorsmust find additional offsite spaces.
There is absolutely no budget for this project.
All other sites should use this proposal as a template(including the format of the seminar show).
Cally Spooner
T : 07769944444

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