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The publication is conceived as a document and as an alternative way of showing the artists work. Every artist can apply to take part in the publication. The theme of the publication will follow that of the interim show based on the idea of branding and merchandizing (Sainsbury): #1 Brand that produces #1 Future artists. The idea is asking the artists participating what they think about exhibiting in an interim show in which they become products of a system and in which future expectation are put forward on them and their art work. Is Goldsmiths a secure investment for a future career as international artists? How important is it to come out of an art school as Goldsmiths? The same issue will be raised in the texts the curators will ask the international art critics and curators involved. How does the art world respond to artists coming out of Goldsmiths? Who gives authority to an art school? Is it all a question of branding?
The publication can become a constructive critique to reflect upon the art system from the inside and question the artists/curators choice.

The idea is to create a publication made of postcards, image on the front, text on the back (the cheapest way to create an original format of quality, if we want to avoid photocopies) to tie all together with a rubber band. One postcard/page per artist. The images chosen will be the ones that most represent the artist’s practice, that will emerge during the discussion and confrontation between artists and curators, or one created purposely for the publication.
The texts (max 250 words) on the back of the postcards can be written by:
- the artists
- the curators
- an art critic chosen by the artist
Throughout the publication there will be 4 texts written by 4 different curators or art critics on the idea of brand and merchandizing that is at the base of the whole interim show. These texts will be approximately of 700 words and will be written on the front and the back of a postcard.
The authors of these texts will be chosen by the curators together with the artists.


1. PRODUCTION: There could be two ways to produce the publication

a) It could be produced in 5500 copies, and distributed freely throughout London (strategic locations: major museums and institutions, selected galleries) and during the major summer art events (see section distribution). Produzioni NERO (, a new Italian publishing company, who has already worked in collaboration with the Ratti Foundation, Como, and the Olivetti Foundation, Rome, is willing to publish the book and take care of the graphic design and the printing. In this case we would need to fundraise at least £ 1,500.
b) The publication could become an artist book and be manually made (we will all help). In this case the expenses would be much less and it would be made in less copies (500?). The publication would become an edition and could be sold or distributed for free, depending on the policy and attitude curators and artists decide together.

2. DISTRIBUTION: Produzioni NERO ( is willing to take care of the distribution of the publication during the openings of the Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Documenta and M√ľnster, attached in the special issue of NERO magazine they will be distributing during the events. This will need quite a bit of fund raising activity. They are distributing 30,000 copies. We should at least have 5,000 copies of the publication to obtain a response from the audience. Why not show the #1 supposed Brand that produces #1 artists during the #1 International art events, showing #1 artists and curated by #1 curators?

3. FUND RAISING: find quickly private sponsor. Alternative ways of fund raising? Suggestions? Please…

The artists interested in the project should submit their application by April 25.
The art works should be selected by May 2.
The texts should be collected by May 11.
The editing of the texts should be done by May 14.
Depending on the choice of type of publication and consequent distribution (of course depending on the fund raising results) the time plan might change.
The publication should be ready by May 22.


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