Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Offsite project: Further Details

Fall-In-Theatre: Further details...

The intended result of Fall-In-Theatre is 24 hours of fleeting performances and installations within a designated off-site location. The 24-hour show will take place from 6pm on the 7th June, until 6pm on the 8th of June (Thursday/ Friday)
The project effectively suits performance, live work and temporary installations

Brief to Artists
For this event, artists are asked to respond to the spatiotemporal challenge of producing work, which exists in its entirety, within a 24-hour timeframe.
All works will exist only within the set space and time frame.
Work should not exist outside of these 24 hours and should leave only the most minimal and ambiguous traces behind.

Using the 24 hours
Artists are invited to use the 24 hours in which ever way functions best.
This can include:
• Using the space for a full 24 hours
• Breaking the time and work into manageable acts.
• Using the space for just one hour.
• Installing work that can only survive for 24 hours and which disappears after this time.
• A performance relay to accommodate additional interested artists.
• Any use of the space will be acknowledged in a program of events.

Program of events
A program of events will be produced for the live show, which will allow artists to break their work into manageable ‘acts’ or parts, if required.
• The program will become a navigational tool for visitors, enabling them to follow the progress of the show.
• It could also be understood as the marathon’s catalogue
• It will eventually begin to function as another residual trace of this temporary challenge

The Seminar Show
For the interim show, we are required to exhibit for a week in the seminar room show at Goldsmiths. This will happen before the 24 hour event.
• In this show, we will be exhibiting the preparatory traces of the 24-hour performance.
• These traces will provide a visual indication that a live event of this nature will be taking place.
• The traces could be understood as the live event’s ‘index’.
• These traces should be as ambiguous as possible and should only make sense in retrospect; after the 24 hour show has taken place.
• The preparatory traces will be displayed in the seminar room between Monday 21st May – Sunday 27th May, two weeks before the live 24-hour performance

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